Otolaryngology In The Military

Military Residents

Candace Flagg, MD

Hometown : Bowie, MD

Undergrad : University of Georgia

Medical School : F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine

Residency: PGY-2, Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio, TX

Danielle Morrison, MD

Hometown : Detroit, MI

Undergrad : Vanderbilt University

Medical School : Emory University School of Medicine

Residency : PGY-3, Walter Reed

Jason Wray II, MD (Military Liaison)

Undergrad : North Greenville University

Medical School : Medical School at University of South Carolina School of Medicine

Residency : PGY-4 Naval Medical Center Portsmouth

Military Attendings

Angela M. Powell, MD

Specialty : General Otolaryngology

Staff Otolaryngologist, Guthrie Clinic

Chair, Women in Otolaryngology

President-elect, Harry Barnes Society and Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery Section of National Medical Association

LaKeisha Henry, MD, Colonel, USAF, MC, FS

Subspecialty : General Otolaryngology

Staff Otolaryngologist, Private Practice Las Vegas

Member, AAO-HNSF Board of Directors

Earl Harley, MD


“The pathways to success truly do differ for civilian and military career progression especially being in the minority amidst the specialty as African American otolaryngologists and coupling that with being a second minority as military otolaryngologists (or third, if you add being a woman).”

– Angela Powell, MD

“The hierarchical nature of military structure coupled with the paternalistic constructs that remain pervasive within the military system make excelling as a minority, female physician-surgeon medical corps officer, one of the most unique and formidable tasks to endure in a time when “breaking the glass ceiling” is a commonly cited phrase within the social lexicon and yet the proverbial glass is positioned skyscrapers above our civilian female counterparts.”

– Angela Powell, MD

I want to put a voice on the page here for the otolaryngologists-in-training on this forum whose careers mirror mine that you are not alone. Our civilian counterparts can teach all of us a great deal about navigating the bureaucracy and strategic maneuvering to access leadership and educational opportunities. It is incumbent upon you to leverage these partnerships, to incorporate the tenets offered in this forum and to make your own path.”

– Angela Powell, MD